Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scoop de Loop

I finally got my butt over to Loop, a not quite new yarn shop that moved their location to be closer to me. First,however, I stopped in at the Alterra Coffee next door for the Saturday Stitch N Bitch that I had also been hearing about but never got to. Both were pleasant surprises. Nola from Monday night knitting was at Alterra with a couple of senior knitting ladies and their spouses. One of the elderly gentlemen was a crocheter, the other was a non-knitting spouse, but they blew me away. I thought my husband was supportive of my addiction, but these guys take enabling to a new level. I joked with them about what tightly knit couples they were, and the conversation unraveled from then on.

Nola was wearing the beautiful and difficult aran turtleneck that I saw her making last year, but never saw modeled before. I promptly (but politely with some apologies) pointed out that she had crossed a cable the wrong way smack dab in the middle of the front. A true friend, she did not throw her cup of coffee at me, and just explained to the senior ladies that I suffer from anal retentiveness ad-nauseum.

Moving on to Loop, I discussed the possibility of their carrying Knitter's Journey Jewelry Kits with the owner. With a potential sale on the horizon,of course I spent my potential profits before walking out the door. Anyway, my scoop on Loop: I was pleased to see a nice amount of traffic in the store, and mostly young knitters at that. The store is a nice size with very high ceilings and filled with light. It is not the biggest yarn selection I've ever seen, but she carries some high quality unique stuff along with a good selection of standards like Cascade 220, Noro,and Cotton classic. The young owner was very friendly, and I will definitely return.

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