Saturday, April 7, 2012

Explorations on vacation

I'm back from a lovely vacation to our nation's capital. I saw the cherry blossoms

and Supreme Court Protesters
and all the usual tourist sites -- the capitol,

the monuments,


and the museums (Well, some of them, there are so many). My favorite was the only one you have to pay for--the Newseum, where we saw remnants of the Berlin wall
 and the Twin Towers.

My other favorites?  Why finding the yarn shops of course! I visited FiberSpace, a lovely shop in Alexandria

and I had a great time at Looped (on Connecticut Avenue just off DuPont Circle), where I stayed for open knitting and enjoyed meeting the local knitters and a few fellow tourists like me.  I was very impressed with both of these shops--well stocked and humming with happy customers.

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