Sunday, January 13, 2013

Future Knitters

In December, I read The Mitten Tree and spoke to the senior kindergarteners about knitting, as I do every year.  They were a polite and attentive audience, as usual. I gave them a few hats and mittens for their Mitten Tree charity collection, and thought that was that--this holiday tradition that I so enjoy had come and gone without much lasting effect on my young audience.

However, the other day I got some  feedback that let me know I had indeed made a lasting impression.
As I was walking down the hall, one of my little SK friends ran up to me. "Mrs. P! Mrs. P!  I got a knitting kit for Christmas!"

"Me too!" Another little voice piped up.

"Wow, that is so cool!"  I replied.

On reflection, I realized that my slang is hopelessly out of date. When speaking to my five year old friends, I should have replied in the superlative used by today's children.   It isn't just cool, it's sweet!

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Louvregirl said...

Bev! That is such a sweet photo of you. I love your smile!