Thursday, September 4, 2014

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Well, now that summer is over and I am back to school,  I thought perhaps I should write an essay about how I spent my summer vacation.  Although I love to travel, I did not set off on exotic knitting adventure this summer. I prefer to stay close to home in the summer because summers here are so pleasant. The Lakefront, bike paths, festivals, and free concerts in the parks make it easy to entertain oneself or out of town guests.  I spent much of my time knitting, making jewelry, designing new patterns, working on Knitter's Journey -- activities that are all my idea of fun. I spent a lot of my time this summer vending at our downtown artist's market-- a new venue for me, and very fun! I was surprised to see how many tourists we have in my hometown, but that is as it should be, because we really do have a great place on a Great Lake!

I am very pleased with my summer design project, the Evening Paseo Shawl. This shawl was inspired by my past travels in Spain, where there is a tradition of going for an evening stroll or "paseo."  Whether you are in Barcelona or Madrid, you will find the sidewalks teaming with people in the early evening. Families stroll with young children, lovers walk hand in hand, and young people flirt with each other as everyone is walking and talking, trying to see each other and be seen.  Even though it is just an evening stroll, one tries to look one's best.

This little shawlette would be the perfect accessory for a paseo.  It is knit from a single skein of Blue Heron Rayon Metallic, one of my favorite yarns because of its beautiful colors and lovely drape.  The shawl will be making its debut at Wisconsin Sheep and Wool Festival this weekend, and you will soon find the pattern on Ravelry.

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