Sunday, April 29, 2007

Midwest Masters in Neenah

From Midwest Maste...
I'm just back from the Midwest Masters in Neenah. Click the link above for the complete photo album. I only went for 1 class and to hang out for a little bit, but I had an incredibly great time. I took a class on vintage knitting with Joan McGowan Michael.

I have to admit, I hardly took the class. I was a very bad student. I was 1/2 hour late (the reason why is worth another post) and I was chatting far more than I was knitting. However, it was worth the class fee just to see the gorgeous garments she made. A beautiful young lady named Rebecca modeled many of the sweaters for us. They all looked terrific on her.

My trip up to Neenah really paid off for me. As I had planned to do, I delivered some of my Knitter's Journey Knit-with-Wire kits to Yarns by Design (the shop that sponsors this wonderful event) But I had additional, unanticipated sales that day. My knitted jewelry sparked great interest from my classmates. In addition to selling some jewelry, I met two yarn shop owners who may have me teach knitting with wire in the near future. It was truly magical how I was making sales without trying. After the class was over, I walked into a few shops with a friend. A gallery owner admired the necklace I was wearing and ordered half a dozen necklace,bracelet and earring sets on the spot! Sorry, I don't mean to go on about myself. Having a knitting business is something that I had dreamed of doing for many years. Even though Knitter's Journey is still a micro-business, I'm thrilled with every sale.

My afternoon ended on another upbeat note when I ran into Bonnie and Anne, fellow knitters whom I know only from these retreats. We keep meeting every 6 months or year or so, and it's sweet to catch up with each other when we meet. One of my favorite things about these knitting vacations is the extended community of friends that I have found. While it was a short trip, I've more to say about my "vacation" to the Masters. Watch for a future post.

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