Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Wildcat Mittens the Sequel

I should have known I would be outed! Young Friend brought in his mittens so that I could take a picture of them for this blog. Of course, other friends saw them. "Are you going to make me a hat?" "I'd like a scarf."

Since he has already been exposed, here is Young Friend, modeling his mittens. (Shown with Mom's permission) As you can see, he likes them. YF and his Mom were s-o-o-o-o appreciative, it was even more fun to give than to make. Mom tells me she only lets him wear them on special occasions, and that she will save these in her "treasures" chest. Now that is the joy of knitting!


YF's Mother said...

These mittens are fabulous and we're honored to have the original pair. Inevitably, when my son wears them, he will be asked, "Did someone knit those wonderful mittens?" He smiles and proudly responds, "Yes, my teacher knit them for me!" They've been a fun and treasured gift...and an inspirationn for me to knit again.

Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

Wildcat mittens is a good name for them. YF does look happy. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I had the wrong link for yours and could only see the original post until now when I figured it out. I thought you were an especially reluctant blogger. Keep up the good blogging.