Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Will work for food

Sorry, there is no picture. I tried to get my friend Carolyn to wear a sign, "Will Work For Food" but she wouldn't go for it. Carolyn is retired from working as a wholesale sales rep in the gift industry, and as you can imagine, she was a great help to me. She has great sales skills and a keen eye for merchandising. She was the one who suggested I turn the baskets on their sides for a cornucopia effect, which made a great difference. We had many positive comments from both vendors and customers about the booth and the baskets in particular. Obviously, it worked, since sales were good.

Boy did we work! We arrived Wednesday to check in and drop off our stuff and we spent all day Thursday setting up. Showtime was Thurday night, when we were open for business for 2 hours. Friday and Saturday we were on our feet selling from 10 - 6, and Sunday we worked 10-4. Our evenings were busy with paperwork, and I had to make samples for the demonstrations I did every day. Our only compensation was food -We enjoyed 2 great meals at the Hilton Garden O'Hare. Am I following my bliss or going crazy? I may not be rich, but I am happy.

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