Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Step Daughter's Wedding

My step-daughter got married this last weekend. It was both a hippie wedding and a grand extravaganza. The wedding lasted 2 days. Darling Step-Daughter, (DSD), is a nature girl, so the wedding was on the beach. A risky choice. It was a bit cool and drizzled as we walked back to the cars.

The Friday night ceremony for close family and intimate friends was followed by dinner at a very nice restaurant. On Saturday, there was an outdoor reception from 3 pm to 9 pm at another park(half way across the state!)for extended friends and family. There would be food and dancing and a bonfire at night.

So what does a knitting step-mom wear to such an affair? That was the agonizing question for me for several weeks (well, months, really) as I searched for the right dress(es) and tried (but failed) to diet. In the end, I bought a simple jerzey knit summer dress with cap sleeves, a low-scooped back, and flare at the hemline - but it was in a beautiful shade of blue and it begged to be accesorized. I knit this shrug and made a necklace, bracelet,and earrings to co-ordinate. I finished the necklace at 2:30 p.m. on Friday and we left for the ceremony at 4:45 p.m.

I was definitely glad that I had made the shrug. All the other women were wearing sleeveless sundresses and shivering in the cold, but I was just right. I was definitely the most dressed up person there next to the bride, though.

The same was true on Saturday, when I wore a sleeveless summer dress with a garden print. I haven't gotten any wedding pictures from DSD yet, so the only pictures I have are these that DH took. You can sort of see the Friday night outfit in the picture on the left. I'm the one who looks like a lush with a wine glass in her hand. The only picture of me from Saturday is this lovely rear-end view.

What is it about the internet that inspires one to post such unflattering pictures that do not make the cut into a traditional photo album?

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