Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Is it cheating to post UFOs?

How can September be almost over without a post? I've knit just a wee bit. A vest for a new baby at work is almost done, but I'm too lazy to get out the camera and take a picture of it right now. Will post when finished.

A factor in the infrequent posting is that I've always felt it's a bit of a cheat to post a picture of a garment in progress, rather than post a finished object. Some knit blogs will document the progress on a project every day even if it's only 2 rows! I say that your knitting has become an excuse to blog rather than a blog about what you knit because you are not knitting! You are spending all your time blogging!

Passionate knitter though I may be, I've actually been in a big lull in my knitting ambition for the last year ( even before starting this blog). I used to knit at least 2 hours/day and recently I find a week may go by without my having picked up my knitting. Perhaps it's because I've been doing a lot of small gift projects for others and not much knitting for myself. I do love to make knitted gifts, but there is always a sense of obligation and deadlines (must be done by Christmas/the birthday/baby's due date) when making a gift.

I much prefer to make something for myself -- something out of luscious yarn, in a pattern of my own design--a long term project that I may end up re-working if I don't like it. When I have a knitted gift project, I always feel the deadline dampens my enthusiasm. The luscious angora that I bought at Stitches last year has been calling to me for some time, but I will not touch it until I get these baby gifts out of the way. Pretty much a serial knitter, I try to work on one project at a time and try to get things done. That being said, I still have more than one UFO in my knitting basket. Now if I would take a picture of every UFO in my stash and post one per day I will look like I'm a prolific blogger and goddess knitter. But I'm actually knitting less than I have in years --does that make any sense and is it a true representation of me? No!

I imagine some knitting bloggers out there may have a few opinions about that. Your comments are welcomed.

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