Sunday, April 27, 2008

Art Night and Other Happenings

Event number 2 of my volunteer activities, Middle School Art Night, was Friday. I schlepped in my knitted jewelry and some kits and set up a lovely display, which, regretfully, I do not have a picture of. I met a few parents and chatted with co-workers, but it was not the big event I though it would be. It was only open to the school community and not the general public. It was not meant to be a sale, just promotional,which I knew, but in chatting with people, I realized that while I was promoting my business, I was not effectively promoting sales. I haven't got any art fairs lined up for the near future, and I'd better get working!

Event number 3, the 2nd grade camping retreat is at the end of this week, and I'm looking forward to it. I hope the weather will be good. It was in the 70's this week, but they are forecasting snow for tomorrow. Then again, that's no reason why it shouldn't be sunny and beautiful again by Thursday. Ah, Wisconsin! You've got to love it.

DH and I enjoyed a play and dinner out with friends last night. Our friends will not be able to join me at my little birthday soiree, but they surprised me with an early birthday card and a donation to my heifer project scheme. I feel certain that I shall raise enough for a sheep,and maybe even a fiber basket,and that's exciting. Perhaps I should make a little sheep poster and glue on cotton balls with each donation, as we get closer to our goal.

I realize that I'm blogging so that I can put off writing my final paper for my grad school class. I'm also ignoring the idea of going in to work and finishing the movie that I was making for the music teacher. . . . Unfortunately, I don't much more to say, so I'll just have to stop writing so that I can buckle down and write.

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