Monday, August 4, 2008

Midwest Fiber and Folk

I'm finally posting my pictures from Midwest Fiber and Folk, which was held
July 18-20. What a great festival. I wished I could have been both a vendor and an attendee at the same time. I loved the combination of Folk music with the fiber festival. There were an incredible number of vendors, a variety of fiber arts were represented, although it was mostly yarn. I worked the event by myself, so it meant I really had no time to see much. I only saw a few booths and the mainstage/cafeteria area as I dashed to the bathroom or made a food run while my neighbors watched my booth.

Speaking of my neighbors, let me introduce you to Karen. An amazing woman who runs her own spinning supplies business with her husband, despite being legally blind. I find it inspiring and humbling to meet people like her.

Doing these fiber fairs is hardwork. I was exhausted when I got home. I found this one to be particularly tiring because of the long hours (Friday 4-9, Saturday 9-7 and Sunday 9-5) and because I was working alone. Still, I would do it again.

I had good sales and happy customers. Here is one of them. She was another vendor, but I'm afraid I don't know her name or what booth she was at. She bought a kit on Sunday morning and came back in the late afternoon to model her completed work. (She's wearing "Chain, Chain, Chain" in Quartz Crystal and Pearl) I'm so proud of her!

I took a few other shots of my booth because I'm always asked for booth shots for juried shows. These aren't the best examples of booth set up for me though--the outdoor setting puts some limits on set up and presentation and its difficult to take a shot that shows just my booth without my neighbor's booth in the background. Still these pics are good for showing you what the festival is like, and my life as designer/manufacturer/PR person/sales and marketing manager/web master/President of Knitter's Journey, LLC.

Finally having recovered from Midwest Fiber and Folk, I'm gearing up for the big one. Stitches Midwest, T-17 days and counting. Hope to see some of you there.


Dena said...

Hey, it's me!! The girl in the picture who looks as tired as you described. Midwest Folk and Fiber Festival was fun but the long hours (and the travel from Texas) took its toll on all of us. I'm wearing my chain, chain, chain necklace today as well as my matching bracelet. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I love the product of your artistic expression. See you at Stitches Midwest in a couple of weeks.

Linda said...

Hi! I purchased one of your Crochet Wire Necklace Kits (hematite kit) at Midwest Fiber Fest too. Love, love, LOVE it! WOW! And a very generous kit it is too. I’ve made 2, yes TWO three strand necklaces and have enough beads to make a third I think.

I’ll be visiting your blog often and your store site regularly.

Thanks again for a great crochet kit!