Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Squeezing it all in.

Just a quick post about the craziness of getting ready for Stitches. I think I'm ready. . . I was slightly surprised to count up the total number of kits I've added to inventory just for Stitches. I've got 80 new bolo kits and 157 new knit with wire kits. Lots of amethyst and turquoise which is always popular with my customers.

Just a little concerned that I'll be able to fit all of this in the car. I have Melissa coming later with her van to take overflow, but I have to have all my display stuff and some of every style to start off and it has to all fit in my '98 Honda Civic. Plus me, my suitcase, and my husband who is taking off work to help me set up. I'm almost wondering if the empty seat in the car is worth more to me than my husband's muscles. After all, I can always use a little exercise.

I will post a pic after the car is packed . . .

I still have to make a few new signs, pack boxes, and work on the paper that is due for my Grad school class on Tuesday after Stitches. . . . and squeeze in a visit with my college roommate who is here from California for her annual trip to Wisconsin.

Better run. . .

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Kathy Kathy Kathy said...

so . . . how was Stitches?
I hope to see you on Monday.
Send me your e-mail. I don't have the correct one. I am