Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Out There with Sir Paul

My husband and I were Out There at the stadium last night with friends Karen and Dale and 43,996 other fans of Sir Paul.  It was a once in a lifetime experience that I might sum up as the best concert of my life with what were probably the worst seats. But mind you I am not complaining.  Far from it!  Our terrace level side view seats were just $39.50! We were up in the rafters, but we had binoculars and the jumbo screen to enhance the view, and we caught a light breeze that I'm sure they couldn't feel out in center field. 

What a show! McCartney sang hit after hit from the early days of the Beatles through the Wings years and up through today.  I was amazed that his voice held strong despite his age and the heat. He tackled a demanding repertoire from lullaby love songs to rocking and wailing.  He played 30 songs and then came back for 2 encores. 3 hours of nearly non-stop concert!  I knew all but 2 of the songs well enough to sing along, as did the rest of the crowd.  One of the 2 songs that I did not know was a touching tribute to John Lennon. He wrote it in the style of a conversation he wished he could have had with his friend, and tears tried to make their way out of the corners of my eyes as I listened to the words.

What was my favorite part? It's hard to say. Perhaps hearing certain songs, but there were so many--A Day in The Life (oobla dee, oobla dah), Back in the U.S.S.R, Hey Jude. Perhaps it was just being part of the singing crowd.  Of course, I have to say I also loved the drama and the fireworks of Live and Let Die.  That was quite dramatic! You can watch it on this clip taken by someone with much better seats:

I am so grateful to have had this experience.  Thank you Karen and Dale for scoring the tickets. Thank you Milwaukee, for having so many great concert venues that we can attract superstars like Paul McCartney, and most of all, thank you Sir Paul for the poetry, the rhythms, the songs and the sweet, sweet memories.

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