Friday, January 18, 2008

Appreciated Knitting

Is is so nice when you give a knitted gift and it is actually appreciated! I was tickled pink to receive these pictures from my co-worker - showing her daughter in the little sweater I made for her. I had already posted a picture of her in the sweater with matching cap back in March when she was born. You can look back on my old post and see how much she has grown! It's nice to see that the sweater still fits, and that she has gotten almost 10 months of wear out of it. It looks very cute with the little green pants outfit.

It has been truly fun to knit little outfits for all the babies that were born at my workplace. (3 boys and 2 girls!) It exemplifies one of the many reasons I love knitting. I am relatively new at my workplace, and my little act of kindness has helped me get closer to my colleagues. Plus, of course, I love children and don't have any of my own, so it's kind of a surrogate motherhood thing.

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Nicola said...

You are so talented. You are right- we are all grateful to have those sweaters you knot for the little ones around here.