Friday, January 25, 2008

Building a Knitting Community

I have been trying to get my co-workers to join my Stitch N Bitch group or to found one of our own. There are plenty of knitters around here. But it's like trying to knit a Fair Isle sweater for an extra large man--a slow,somewhat difficult, but colorful process. It's hard to get more than 2 people together at one time. We are a work hard/work long hours team of dedicated educators and support staff. Lunch hours don't work for a meeting time --teachers feed students at lunch table and administrative staff tend to eat in 10 minutes and go back to their desks. After school is often scheduled with meetings, tutoring or catching up.

It was Faculty In-service day today, and I was able to carve out 1 hour of knitting time by offering a team building, feel good Knitting Workshop. Unfortunately, far too many workshops were offered, and we were only 3, but I was happy to hook them in. (Knit them together???) I extoled upon the virtues of knitting in community, and we had a wonderful time. None of the participants wanted to be photographed, but here is the lovely shawl-in-progress of one of my newest knitting buddies. I will keep prosthelitzing. Eventually, it will happen. Perhaps I need to go to the students instead of the teachers. A knitting club is in my future.

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