Monday, January 14, 2008

Blue Ribbon Red Mittens

I've already posted about the Mitten Tree project that I do with the kindergarten children here at my school. Here is another pic from that event that one of the teachers just shared with me. Here, I'm showing the children my favorite hat and mitts. The mittens took the blue ribbon at the Wisconsin State Fair last year. (The vest I'm wearing took second place a few years back) When I shared that little bit of information, the children applauded!

Because these mittens are special, I did not donate them to the mitten tree. I told the children that I was saving them to wear after Christmas when I knew Santa was bringing me a red coat. You should have heard the uproar that caused! How did I know I was getting a red coat? Did I talk to Santa? Thinking fast, I said, well--I had only asked for one thing, and I had been really, really good this year. I was 99% sure I was getting a red coat. Never having had little ones myself, I did not realize how quickly one can create controversy.

So, Santa did deliver the red coat, and I wear it to school with my red hat and mitts. My prediction came true, and the children are truly in awe of me.

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